Knalpot Slip-on Twin DLC Titanium NOJIMA KAWASAKI Z1000 (Water-cooled)

[Material] Tail Pipe: Titanium Silencer: Titanium [Color] Black (DLC Coating) [Size] Overall Length: 350mm Outer Diameter: 130x110mm (Oval) [Weight] 3.5kg (STD 7.6/6.9 (NINJA100014-15) kg) [Noise Volume] 92db (Z1000/NINJA1000 14-15)/94 (NINJA1000 11-13) [Specification] Machine Bent Burned-color Double DLC Titanium [Maintenance Data] Oil Filter: O Drain Bolt: O Center Stand: – Footpeg: O Tandem Footpeg: O Under Cowl: JMCA: Certified Regulation Corresponding Information: 2007 Japanese Emission Regulation Correspondence/2010 Japanese Vehicle Noise Regulation./Test Result: O (WMTC Mode Test Passed/NINJA100014-15) ■ DLC – TITAN (DLCTitanium) Series ■ High-grade series dedicated to Large people who understand the difference Sound ? High quality Grade for Large people who can understand the difference regardless of the basic performance of Exhaust System of Poweretc. Sleeve showing various expressions depending on viewing angle and brightness expresses deep black with Titanium by DLC Coating. Moreover, it has high surface hardness, excellent durability ? stain resistance ? Maintenance property, it is possible to keep long the brightness at the time of brand new. The DLC – TITANSilencer of the elaborate Detail seeking texture to fine parts of RivetRing, Silencer band, and Tail end is precisely machine – bended, carefully polished and then beautifully quenched Heat finish Titaniumium pipe is combined, Silencer I will make a presence not to be defeated. It can be said that this is one of the gems that fulfills the desire of ownership of Large people. Naturally regulations [Color] Clear car inspection Corresponding Exhaust. (Except Universal Silencer) Powerful Dual Silencer Slip-on Silencer. Powerful exceeding NORMAL throughout. SKU : 19872884

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